How to Restore All of Your Deleted SMS in Android Phone

Some times you delete your SMS from Inbox, either by mistake or intentionally. But here is good news for you that there is no further worries for this act. You have 99.9 % chance available with you to recover all of those SMS. The only factor which may let this process complicated or reduce the chances of restoration process, is the TIME. This is because the memory location where your messages were written before deletion, is now free and anything else can be written on that location. This may include new SMS, audio file, Pictures, videos etc. So as early as possible, you have to start the process for restoration. This will increase your chances of recovery.


Recovery Tools for Deleted SMS

A number of tools are available to provide you aid in process of restoration of your SMS. These tools are available for both the platforms that is for PC and MAC. All of these tools provide their free or trial versions. These trial versions have the capability to do your task with ease. So no need to buy premium versions, until unless you want to use all of their features.  The process of restoring your deleted SMS is almost same in every tool. It is usually a four step process: it connects, then scan, then preview and in last it recovers. One more thing, I would like to tell you that these tools will also help you in recovering other data too beside text messages. Following are the name of some tools, which are good to try in this regard: -

 Android Data Recovery

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android (It requires root)

Coolmuster Android SMS and Contacts Recovery

Steps to Restore (Recover) Deleted SMS (Text Messages) in Android Phone

For this tutorial, I am using Wondershare. You can use anyone of mentioned tools. Steps may vary, but the chemistry of all the tools will be same: -

1. First download the desired tools as mentioned above and then after installation on your system RUN it.

2. Take your Android Smart Phone and connect it to your system using data cable came along your phone. Make sure that your recovery tool is running when you connect your phone.

3. Open “Developer Options” on your Smart Phone. If you are unable to find “Developer Options” then don’t worry, just go to the “About Phone” then scroll down to “Build Number” and tap it with your finger number of times. Now when you open the Main “Setting” menu (It will appear above the “About Phone” option), you will be able to locate or open “Developer Options”. Open the “Developer Options” and locate “USB Debugging” (it may be labelled as “Android Debugging”, all it depends on, is your ROM). Now check the box for this option by tapping it.

WonderShare                                                                                                                                     Tool

4. Now in your selected tool for recovery of SMS, follow the steps as prompted to Scan and Analyze your Smart Phone ‘s memory first.

5. As soon as the above mentioned step is completed, the tool, you selected, will provide you a preview of all the data existing on your phone‘s memory (irrespective of “deleted” or “not deleted” status). But it all depends upon the time i.e. how early you initiate the process of recovery, because the slot of memory where your desired data was resided, can only be previewed, if it is not over-written.

6. Simply locate your text message folder (or however the particular program presents your data), select the messages you wish to recover and either use the Recover action in the program to put them back on your device or save them to your computer for safe keeping.

6. The last step is to restore or recover the data (is this case SMS). For this select the folder where your SMS are stored. Now you can select all those messages which you need to restore. Now you have two options available, one, you can use the recover option in your Recovery Tool to restore all those SMS to your Android Phone, or, Second option is, you can save those SMS to your system for backup or to keep safe.

Note: Since this is a free app, that is why you can only recover your SMS through your personal computer. If you don’t want to use PC for this purpose, then you will have to buy a paid version of this Tool. In my opinion you should go for the first option and use a free tool.

How to avoid to let it happen again

This situation will definitely put you in trouble, and you never want to be indulged in such situation again. To avoid such situation again, use one free app named “SMS Backup and Restore” and take regular backups of you SMS. It is very simple to use and will take maximum five minutes. Following is screenshots for the said App.

SMS Backup and Restore App


You Only need to Tap Backup Option

It is better that after backup is taken, email it to your address

You can set schedule backup and other tasks easily

Have you ever lost your text messages by accident? Did you manage to recover them? How do you protect your text messages?

What is your experience? Have you gone through such situation? Did you able to restore your SMS? What method do you use to keep your messages safe from such disaster? Please share in comments area.

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