Control Android Smart Phone From Your PC or MAC By using Mobizen - A Review

Suppose that you are in a meeting, which is prolonged due to discussions on multiple issues. Since normally in meetings phones are not allowed therefore, till the time your meeting comes to an end, you will not be able to respond all those messages came on your phone and cannot read those notifications. There may be some urgent messages, which need to be immediately responded.


You will definitely think about all those notifications come to your mobile and be worried about the messages came to your phone. Things will shatter your concentration toward the important points of the meeting. To cater this, you need some handy way to read and respond on all those important notifications and messages.


Mobizen is the software by Rsupport Inc. which offers solution for the problem. The only thing you need to have a computer or Laptop with you. By using this software, you can read and reply on all those messages and notifications. Since it is a review and the promise is made by Rsupport Inc.’s Mobizen, therefore keep reading to measure its usefulness in the coming paragraphs.

THE SURPRIZING NEWS is that Mobizen offers the same facilities to be viewed and responded through web browser. Additionally the Mobizen’s magical action is that it actually mirrors the messages and notifications from your Android device to your PC. Therefore you can view the real-time situation of your Android Smart Phone.

This software also offers to stream audio / video right from your Android Set to your PC. BUT THE REVIEW IS NOT FINISHED YET….

Get Control of Android Device with Mouse & Keyboard

Let say that you desire to perform chat using WhatsApp and other type of text messaging chat with the facilities of big screen, keyboard and mouse. For this you don’t have to climb 1000 stairs, just connect Mobizen to your PC and there you are. Use your PC’s mouse, PC’s keyboard to chat with your friends in your contacts.

Now comes to the games. If you are really a Game Sick Guy and want to continue playing a game like Angry Birds when you are for some reason away from your Android phone, then don’t worry, Mobizen allows you to do so on your PC. If you are able to run Angry Birds on your Smart Phone, then you can definitely play it from your PC using Mobizen.

The scenario which we have taken as example in proceeding paragraph, may not occur with everyone or usually, but when it happens, the Mobizen will not let you worry for a single moment until there is internet connection available at both the places i.e. the place where your phone is placed and the place from where you will be using your Mobizen Software using your PC / MAC System.


Some times connecting to PC may be spotty

At some occasions it is observed that when connecting Mobizen to PC or MAC, the connection was timed out several times. Similarly when connecting through WiFi, it has been observed that it was some time spotty. It does not necessary that it is related to Mobizen, it may be my ISP’s problem but you may face the same problem. There are multiple other options though which Mobizen allows you to connect i.e. through 3G and USB cable of your Android phone. It is good for us that if one option is not working properly then another option can be availed.

Since Mobizen is regularly updated, I hope that the issue will be fixed by Rsupport Inc. very soon.


It is not possible to cover all the features of such a powerful suit in one single review. This software is giving you the ability to know about your device in real time. It allows you to transfer files easily from one place to another (from PC to device or vice versa). The desirable way to get control of your device while using your PC or MAC.

The Final thing I would say about the Mobizen, which I consider the best of all, that it is totally FREE!!!!!

I personally desire that you should start using it today. Yes, because you may put yourself in a situation when there would be no other option than Mobizen. And for sure you should start right away, because it is TOTALLY FREE. Just give it a try NOW.

I cannot say that it is perfect, but would definitely say that it is near to it.

Have you used Mobizen earlier or after reading this? What is your experience? Can you share it with us in comments section, please?

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