Install Stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Firmware Build 23.4.A.0.546 on Xperia Z3


The latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Official firmware has been released by Sony for Xperia Z3 and Z2 series. The build number of this Android Lollipop OTA update is 23.4.A.0.546 which is now available for these handsets. Navigate to Settings > About phone > Software updates > System updates and check that either the new stock firmware is available or not. But if you have missed the OTA notification or, it is not hit your region or if you just can’t wait no longer then don’t worry you can still manually install the official Android 5.1.1 firmware build 23.4.A.0.546 on your Xperia Z3.


In this guide we’ll download the new stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop 23.4.A.0.546 OS, which will be in form of a .ftf file and then we’ll flash it on Xperia Z3 manually using a FlashTool. Remember that installing this official ROM will revoke the root access on your Xperia Z3 and also will remove a custom ROM if installed. But the main advantage of installing an official firmware is to troubleshoot some software related issues such as boot loops, lags, battery drain, bugs, force close errors, alerts, screen freeze, instant reboots, heating issues and total blackouts etc. Your Sony Xperia Z3 will be restored back to its initial state as a locked system with factory restrictions and default features and apps.


The stock Android 5.1.1 firmware build 23.4.A.0.546 and instructions used in the guide are working only with Xperia Z3 model number D6603. Do not try to install this firmware on any other device or incorrect variant. Check the model number of your device first.

Warning: will not be responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Sony Xperia Z3 during or after the installation of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Although this update operation is official and you have nothing to worry about. Proceed at your own risk.

Before Getting Started:

  • Take a proper backup of your device before proceeding to the installation guide like your SMS, MMS, Settings, Call Logs and contacts etc.
  • Download and install the correct Xperia Z3 USB Drivers for the Xperia Z3 on the PC.
  • Enable USB debugging on the your Z3 by navigating to Settings > Developer options and check the USB debugging option.
  • Make sure that the battery level of Xperia Z3 is above 80% to avoid unexpected shutdowns while installing this firmware.
  • Installing an official firmware will revoke the root access.
  • The custom ROM will be replace with the stock build after installing this Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Required Files:

Steps to Update Xperia Z3 D6603 to Android 5.1.1 Stock Firmware Build 23.4.A.0.546:

Step No 1:- First download the Android 5.1.1 build 23.4.A.0.546 firmware (Download D6603_23.4.A.0.546_Customized FR.ftf) and FlashTool file on your PC. Extract the Flash tool and it by following the on-screen prompts

Step No 2:- Move the .ftf file to the firmwares folder, which can be found where you have unzipped the FlashTool.

Step No 3:- Turn OFF the Xperia Z3.

Step No 4:- Run FlashTool on your the PC and click on Flash.

Step No 5:- Connect the device with the PC once you see prompts without turning ON the Z3.

Step No 6:- Wait for the process to be completed successfully.

Step No 7:- Once the installation process has been fully completed, disconnect the phone and reboot it.

Done! You have successfully installed the latest stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on your Z3.

Let us know in the comments area below if you have any question or trouble while installing the stock 5.1.1 Lollipop on your Z3 D6603.



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  1. CaZ says:

    Hi there….

    Can you point me in the direction for a process to root this update?

    Looked all over for a way ti root 5.1.1, but no luck

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