How To SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 [All Variants] for Free

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of most high-end specifications powerful smartphone based on Android OS, which is appreciated by users all over the world. If you’ve purchased Samsung Galaxy S4 from a specific carrier, then it means that it is locked on that particular network because carriers don’t want you to leave their network and you’ll need to SIM unlock the Galaxy S4 to use it with any other carrier/ network. So after unlocking, your Galaxy S4 will be SIM free and then it should work with any SIM. Here are 2 simple methods to SIM unlock the Galaxy S4 free. Go ahead and learn that how to permanently SIM unlock the Galaxy S4 easily.

Note:- Please note that you should first check that your device is compatible or not, depending on the GSM bands each carrier is using. Check all bands such as 2G, 3G, and 4G.

In the given two methods to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 and use a SIM from another carrier, the first method is free and the second one requires you to buy an unlock code.

SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 All Variants

Warning: will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Make sure that your device has enough battery charge to avoid sudden shutdowns during the unlocking process. Proceed at your own risk.

Steps To SIM Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4

Method 1:-

As we’ve already mentioned that this method is free, but follow the given instructions carefully, otherwise your device might gets bricked. You can unlock all the variants of Samsung Galaxy S4 by using this method, including I9500, I9505, I9506, I9505G, I337, M919, I545, L720, R970, I959, I9502, I337M, M919V, R970X, and R970C.

Step 1:- Open the Phone Dialer

Step 2:- Dial *#0011#

Step 3:- Press Menu

Step 4:- Tap Back

Step 5:- Press Menu and open the Key input

Step 6:- Enter 1 and press OK

Step 7:- Press Menu and tap Back

Step 8:- Tap [1]UMTS

Step 9:- Tap [1]DEBUG SCREEN

Step 10:- Tap [6]PHONE CONTROL

Step 11:- Tap [6]NETWORK LOCK

Step 12:- Tap [3]PERSO SHA256 OFF

Step 13:- Press Menu and then Back

Step 14:- Tap [6]COMMON

Step 15:- Tap [6]NV REBUILD

Step 16:- Tap [4]RESTORE BACK UP

After performing the above actions, your Galaxy S4 will freezes, just wait for a while and press Menu when you can, then Back key ON and the device will be rebooted.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 should be SIM unlocked now. If the above method doesn’t work for you then try the following alternative method.

Method 2:-

Here in method you’ll required to buy an unlock code for the Galaxy S4.

Step 1:- Find the IMEI code of your Galaxy S4 by dialing **#06#* or by navigating to Settings > About device > Status

Step 2:- Now visit DoctorSIM and purchase an unlock code for your IMEI.

You can also contact your carrier to get the IMEI code for unlocking.

I hope that the above given methods will help you to SIM Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 easily. If you face any issues or have queries then let us know in the comments section below.

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