How to Factory Reset and Hard Reset Motorola Moto E

Motorola Moto E is a high-end with great specifications Android smartphone having a very low price . If you have owned a new Moto E then it is must to learn about the basic troubleshooting of this device. In these basics, knowing factory reset the Moto E is a must have. If you ends up with a situation that you want to Factory reset or Hard Reset your Moto E then here we have an easy guide that how to make a hard reset / factory reset on your Motorola Moto E safely.

The factory reset is featured by default on the Android OS and is an official operation. Normally hard reset is required either you want to sell your Moto E or having problems with it. By making a Hard Reset all the data will be erased from the phone as it will restore your Moto E to its initial state. Actually this operation is used to fix many issues on Android devices and maximum users apply Hard Reset to fix a soft bricked Motorola Moto E, however you can fix soft related issues like boot loop errors, lags, force closed errors, bugs after updating to the new firmware, screen freeze issues or if you want to boost the performance of the Moto E and in case you forgot the password or pin to unlock your device etc…

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As we’ve mentioned above that you must learn that how to factory reset the Moto E because if you are an advanced Android user performing operations like installing a custom recovery image, unlocking the bootloader, flashing custom ROMs or gaining root access…


All the data will be erased after resetting the device to its factory state such as the apps, data and settings, so it is recommended to backup your data before doing Hard Reset or Factory Reset. The battery level of your Moto E should be at least charged about 70%

How to Hard Reset Motorola Moto E

Steps To Apply Hard Reset via Hardware Buttons:

Step No 1:- Power Off your Moto E.

Step No 2:- Now enter fastboot mode on your Moto E by following the given steps:

  1. Turn Off your Moto E. (Press Power button for about 15 seconds) and wait for a while.
  2. Now press and hold the Power + Volume Down key at the same time for about 6 or 7 seconds.
  3. Release the keys once the fastboot / bootloader mode is appeared.
  4. To scroll up and down, use Volume up and Volume Down keys in Fastboot within bootloader menu and press power button to select your option.

Step No 3:- Next select Recovery option, select it by pressing the Power button once.

Done! Now choose “wipe data factory reset” from Recovery.

Steps To Make the Factory Reset via Phone’s Menu:

Step No 1:- Unlock your Moto E.

Step No 2:- Tap on Menu.

Step No 3:- Navigate to Settings.

Step No 4:- Goto Backup and Reset option.

Step No 5:- Choose Factory data reset phone.

Step No 6:- Agree with the prompts and then select Reset phone. Wait for a while the hard reset is being completed.

That’s All! You’ve learned that how to hard reset / factory reset your Motorola Moto E. If you have still problems with your smartphone or any other query regarding the above guide then don’t hesitate and share your issues with us in the comments area below.

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