OnePlusRecovery Tool - Restore CM 11S Stock Firmware and Fix Brick on OnePlus One

A OnePlusRecovery Tool v1.0 has been released for OnePlus One devices by Zyxxeil, a senior XDA developer. This is a modified Msm8974DownloadTool that includes the stock CM11S ROM having build number XNPH44S and is 85% translated to make this tool easier to use, according to developer. OnePlusRecovery Tool will help you to fix the brick issue you might have gotten or just if you want to restore to the stock CyanogenMod 11S firmware on your OnePlus One very easily.


  • Run program ‘As Administrator’, or else it will fail
  • If you have issues with Windows 8 that it might be unsafe, then click more info and click ‘Run anyway’
  • If drivers do not work or your phone is not detected for any reason, install the QPST tool.

OnePlusRecovery Tool v1.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed Radios
  • Fixed Duplicate Flash (16GB Only)
  • Drivers Extracted By Default
  • Updated Drivers

Download Links:

Steps to Restore CM 11S XNPH44 on OnePlus One & Fix Brick:

Step No 1:- First, plug the OnePlus One to your computer.

Step No 2:- Open the OnePlusRecoveryTool and turn off the phone.

Step No 3:- Now hold Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time on your OnePlus One.

Step No 4:- Make sure that your PC has the correct USB drivers installed, otherwise it will not detect the phone.

Step No 5:- Next, click Refresh and you should see something different on one of the columns of the program.

Step No 6:- Don’t forget to tick Normal Restore and click Start.

Step No 7:- It will flash OnePlusRecoveryTool. Please note that flashing System.img or Userdata.img will take some time, so be patient and wait for the installation process to be finished.

Step No 8:- Once the installation process completed, a green indication will be appeared.

Step No 9:- Disconnect your OnePlus One from the PC.

Step N0 10:- Hold Power button to reboot your OnePlus One.

You’ve restored OnePlus One to stock CM11s successfully.


MSM Drivers: Run the setup file placed in the Drivers folder and follow the prompts before using the recovery tool, otherwise the tool will not work.

  • You can follow the steps flash the modem/radio manually as the Radios issue was addressed in version 1.1 update.
  • Booting into CM11S
  • Download XNPH44S-modem.bin.
  • Reboot back to fastboot, cd to the .bin file.
  • Flash by executing the following command.
fastboot flash modem XNPH44S-modem.bin


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