How to Factory Reset or Hard Reset HTC One M8

Its important to learn the basic troubleshooting being a proud Android device owner, as almost all advanced users wish to get root access, flashing custom ROMs and updating firmwares etc on their devices. When we talk about the basic troubleshooting then Hard Reset is the first solution that come to mind to solve the problems such as if your device is not performing as expected, softbricked, lags or you want to completely wipe out the smartphone or tablet like Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola etc, then to Hard Reset or Factory Reset the phone will solve the problem. HTC One M8 is one of the most high-end smartphone so today by reading this guide you’ll learn that how to apply a factory reset / hard reset on HTC One M8 2014 phone successfully within minutes.

A  Factory Reset, Hard Reset or Master Reset gets your phone to its original state as out of the box by wiping all the data in the phone like all your settings, personal data (contacts, emails, accounts and all downloaded apps).

Note:- Don’t forget to make a proper backup of your apps and sync your HTC One M8 before proceeding to do a Hard or Factory Reset.

After applying Factory/Hard Reset for HTC One M8, You will lose:

  • Google Account / Accounts
  • Personal data files (Synced up until now)
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Calendar Events
  • System Data
  • Applications Settings and Data
  • Downloaded Apps
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Documents

How To Factory Reset / Hard Reset HTC One M8 from Settings Menu:

Step 1:- First navigate to Settings → Tap on Backup & Reset option.

Step 2:- Select the Reset Phone option.

Step 3:- Choose Erase all data if you need to wipe the media, documents, and other data from the phone storage on the HTC One M8.

Step 4:- Choose Erase SD card to delete media and other data from storage card.

Step 5:- Finally tap on OK and wait for your HTC One M8 to be re-booted.

How To Factory Reset / Hard Reset HTC One M8 manually via Hardware Buttons:

Step 1:- To perform a Factory or Hard Reset using Hardware buttons, Switch Off the phone.

Step 2:- Press and hold the Volume Down button and after that press and hold the Power button.

Step 3:- When the 3 Android images appears on the screen then release the Power and Volume Down buttons.

Step 4:- Finally, press the Volume Down key to select Factory Reset and then press the Power button.

This was a simple guide to perform a Factory Reset / Hard Reset on HTC One M8. Leave a comment if you need to get help in case you are not able to perform the reset task.

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